Saturday, October 29, 2005

Full House!

Wish I were talking about poker, but I'm not. I have six kids running amok (is there any other way to run, when you're talking about kids?) through my house. Four girls, two boys. Believe it or not, it's the girls performing the shock and awe acts of destruction. The boys are playing video games and building stuff with K'Nex. I'll have millions of tiny pieces all over creation, but at least the millions of pieces are all from the same kind of thing.

The girls, however, have embarked on a full wardrobe consultation, both for themselves and for Barbie and all of her evil little friends. It's a clothing explosion back there. I'm afraid to mine for what's underneath. I suspect petrifying snacks, or something equally icky.

Curtains today for the living room, plus resetting of tchotchkes and books, and my living room is finished. Ta da! On to more floors. Two rooms to go, and we can stop construction. For now. Is home improvement ever complete?



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